Open Assistant VR

I’m working with Andrew Vavrek and other strange minds at Open Assistant: an open source AI assistant project.  I created an initial Virtual Reality world to integrate with the voice-activated Open Assistant program.  Watch Vav’s funny video demo of the AI + VR space :

Get the Open Assistant source code and Open Assistant WebVR source code.

CogSpace : Collective Mind Map

Interested in participating in a collectively formulated multimedia vision-logic model representing the multidisciplinary knowledge domains of Cognitive Science and Consciousness Studies?  If so, read on … I’ve been developing this interactive, 3-dimensional model, and it was just recently accepted to be exhibited and presented at the Asian Consciousness Festival in Hong Kong this June.  You…

Mandapa Cosmological Model & Interface

In 2004, in collaboration with a CIIS associate, Scott Fossil, we began creating this 3-dimensional conceptual model that combines the theories of Ken Wilbur’s Quadrant model (AQAL), Stanislov Grof’s Basic Parinatal Matrixes (BPMs), and Tielhard de Chardin’s evolutionary model into an integrated, interactive conceptual framework, and manifold of archetypal morphologies in space and time. 3…