Open Assistant VR

I’m working with Andrew Vavrek and other strange minds at Open Assistant: an open source AI assistant project.  I created an initial Virtual Reality world to integrate with the voice-activated Open Assistant program.  Watch Vav’s funny video demo of the AI + VR space :

Get the Open Assistant source code and Open Assistant WebVR source code.

Gaio Virtual Reality Space

We’ve been waiting a long time for this … Now Virtual Reality is upon us. Over the last year, I’ve been rapidly extending my skills in design and development for VR/AR.  While I’ve placed much of my attention toward Unity3D, more recently, I’ve been learning A-Frame, the VR framework for the web that is fast becoming the standard for creating…

CogSpace : Collective Mind Map

Interested in participating in a collectively formulated multimedia vision-logic model representing the multidisciplinary knowledge domains of Cognitive Science and Consciousness Studies?  If so, read on … I’ve been developing this interactive, 3-dimensional model, and it was just recently accepted to be exhibited and presented at the Asian Consciousness Festival in Hong Kong this June.  You…